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The Long History Of Legal Issues

Around the world, lawsuits, and government legal action abound!

Long History Of Legal ProblemsHow does a company continue to stay in business, when you have a litany of complaints damaging court/legal decisions, documented health issues related to use of your 'health & wellness' products, and direct government proclamations that your company is nothing but a fraudulently promoted pyramid scheme? Good question!

99% Of All Herbalife distributors Never Earn A Profit!

As if that wasn't 'criminal' enough ...

2012 - After years of delay in the Belgian courts, a ruling was finally gained: It concludes that Herbalife is exactly what the consumer group claimed it is, an illegal pyramid scheme based on "endless chain" recruiting. Such a plan dooms the vast majority to losses, by its design and deception. - Belgian Court Rules HerbaLife An Illegal Pyramid Scheme - Click Here For Ruling PDF @

Digging up HerbaLife's sordid past is really pretty easy when you start searching online. Just type in Herbalife Lawsuits on Google, or Bing, and not only do you get results for news articles and court rulings, but take a look at how many attorneys come up in that list.

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The LA Times has a long history of HerbaLife articles, from earnings updates, to their long list of HerbaLife Articles

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